Unsure about how the simple act of running might benefit your mental health and overall wellbeing? Check out these articles, videos and blog posts to learn more about the power of exercise to change your brain, your body and your life.

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Managing Anxiety Through Exercise

In this guest blog, Nikki from Misfit NZ gives her personal account of how exercise helps her manage anxiety

BLOG: Plan for your successes... And your failures

We’re entering the season of “goal races” and it’s important to plan ahead if you want to successfully continue running for wellbeing into the future, after the goal race is all said and done. Avoid the “post race blues” with these simple strategies.

BLOG: Don't Despair the Tough Runs

Finding running tough in the heat of summer? Use self talk to turn the tough runs into great training

BLOG: The Running Mum Life

Here are my tips for getting out there and running when you have a young family.

ARTICLE: The Exercise Effect

If you are keen to know the mechanisms of why exercise is so good for your mental health - check out this article from the American Psychological Association.

ARTICLE: Depression, anxiety, OCD – running helped us beat them

This article features real runners who use the sport to manage significant mental health issues.

ARTICLE: Feeling Anxious? Research Shows Trail Running Benefits Your Brain

By now we know that physical exercise undoubtedly provides mental health benefits. But does it matter where the exercise takes place? This article discusses a study that showed trail running was as effective as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in reducing symptoms of anxiety.

VIDEO: The brain changing benefits of exercise

An entertaining Ted Talk that details how exercise can actually change the structure of the brain.

ARTICLE: Aerobic Exercise Has Clinically-Tested Antidepressant Powers

The author of “The Athlete’s way: Sweat and the Biology of Bliss” discusses his personal experience of the benefits of moderate-vigorous activity on his own mental health as well as a recent meta-analysis that supports this anecdotal data.

VIDEO: Dr Cullen Hardy

An animated You Tube video that explains the mental health benefits of regular exercise.

VIDEO: How exercise affects your body and mind

This video provides information about the role of exercise in managing depression.

ARTICLE: Why exercise is so essential for mental health

This article discusses how exercise can both treat and prevent mental health issues.